Lulu in the International Floriculture Expo

The International Floriculture Expo is the largest floral B2B Trade Show in North America and happens every year in Miami. Over 60,000 square feet filled with floral exhibits, featuring anything a floral category buyer might need. From cut flowers and potted plants to giftware and accessories, IFE is the place to find the latest trends in the floriculture industry. 

The International Floriculture Expo is a unique opportunity to meet hundreds of vendors face-to-face. And in the case of Lulu Rose, the space to show our loved customers our new set of products.

“The space to show our loved customers our new set of products”

IFE puts you face-to-face with serious, qualified decision-makers from the floral industry, the mass market, wholesale, and retail florist sectors. Assisting allows you to hear what they need in real-time, make genuine connections, and showcase your latest products and services. Our team had the chance to show our new preserved products to mass-market floral buyers from supermarkets, chain stores, wholesale florist distributors, online retailers, and more.

The team of Lulu Rose decided to make the experience of booth #120 memorable to everyone that would pass through and achieved it successfully. A combination of creating a comfy space and interaction made our presence in IFE unique to those who lived it. Our booth included a homey atmosphere that invited you to sit and chat with our team members and an interactive scavenger hunt for clients to discover our new products featuring for the first time in the expo.

“Memorable to everyone that would pass through”

We will officially launch our new products so they can be available to buy soon! Stay tuned!

We thank the International Floriculture Expo for hosting us and giving us a space to show our products. And also, we want to give a HUGE shoutout to our Lulu Rose team members! 

It was such a fun and pleasant opportunity to connect with many from the floral industry, and we hope to share our new product with you soon. 

If you want to become an official distributor or order the world’s most beautiful preserved roses head to our website:



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