Dying to know about what our Dare to Bloom NYC competition was like? ALL THE DETAILS RIGHT HERE!

If you haven’t heard that our LULU ROSES are the most beautiful preserved roses in the world… you´re late to the rose party! Today we´ll tell you about our latest floral art competition in NYC and how our LULU ROSES bloomed with the participants’ floral creations!

As if our eternal roses weren’t pretty enough… our dearest NYC participants made their floral arrangements BLOOM in the most beautiful way by combining a series of different preserved rose colors as well as greenery to fill their floral arrangements and have an overall STUNNING artistic design!

We´re here to tell you all about the Dare to Bloom Competition that was held in NYC: the city that never sleeps and is always looking to bloom! Our NYC competition was held in the New York Streets on Alewife Brewing Bar, making it even more exciting for our competitors as it was an adrenaline rush for everyone! Exciting live music was played to pump up our participants’ emotions. This floral art competition destination has been very SURPRISING because as you all know, NYC is a city that transmits happiness, boosting emotions and a RUSH to move all around the city! 

This year’s floral art competition was designed to impulse and BOOST the use of preserved roses for any type of floral arrangement or decoration! Given their versatility, we think that ETERNAL ROSES have so much to offer when it comes to design and creativity, that in the end, they were the best possible choice to use for our competition! And yet again… WE WERE RIGHT!

Our Preserved Roses were used by 10 highly experienced participants from the floral industry in some of the most creative floral art arrangements we´ve seen so far this 2021! We truly enjoyed this one in a lifetime experience with our worldwide participants. Some of them had different nationalities, which made our competition even MORE special. 

We want to give a huge shoutout and special thanks to VANVLIET NYC (IG handle: vanvlietny) for hosting a wonderful, joyful and creative event we´ll never forget. It is our delighted pleasure to announce our NYC Dare to Bloom Final Winner: Apolonia Rebisz from Rosehip Social Floral (IG Handle: rosehipfloral).  One of our participants and second place winner, Rachel, had even been part of the “Full Bloom Competition” which is widely known in many countries, and was truly a blast to have such talented people in the competition, follow her on IG @dearestrachel. Lastly our 3rd place winner was @r_and_gfloraldesign!

CONGRATS and thank you for making our roses bloom even more with your fantastic creation! Soon a special feature on Apolonia will be coming up, you won’t want to miss it!

We want to give special thanks to every one of our participants who DARED TO BLOOM, because after this competition, you know that there is so much of you that has bloomed by letting your creative abilities fly and creating unimaginably beautiful floral pieces! Stay tuned because we´ll be sharing pictures about this NYC adventure! Subscribe to our blog to know more about our competition and GRAND FINALE! We’ll be blooming every year so stay tuned to our next BIG competition.

If you wish to create your own floral arrangement using our eternal roses, contact us directly at: mercadeo@naranjoroses.com! For more information on the competition follow us on IG @lulurosec and @naranjoroses to be up to date on the latest competition news. 

Next Dare to Bloom stop: DALLAS



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