Dallas DARED TO BLOOM BIG TIME! All the details on our latest floral competition RIGHT HERE!

Lulu Roses´ biggest floral art competition YET! This 2021 has been filled with challenges, adventures and hard times, but there’s nothing that roses CAN´T HELP HEAL! Get ready for what our DALLAS DTB adventure was like!

Lately, many of you have been wondering: why are preserved roses becoming so popular and trendy in the market? What can preserved roses be used for? Don´t worry, LULU ROSES has got you covered!

Given their versatility and easy ability to be used for floral art creations and designs, preserved roses, or as we like to call them as well, “eternal roses” are slowly but surely becoming the market’s new “blooming type of flower”. Why? Preserved roses have amazing properties that make their use easier, they require minimum or zero maintenance, they last for a longer period of time and they can save you a LOT of time! This is why our floral art competition was sponsored by LULU ROSES, the world’s most beautiful eternal roses because of their versatility and unimaginable different color creations. 

As you can see, our preserved roses were used in our Dare to Bloom Competition in Dallas to give our participants that extra BLOOM they needed to create their unique floral art pieces. After several hours of extremely hard work and creativity, our Dallas´ Dare to Bloom Winner was Bethany from HM petals! 

Although it is important to mention that our competition was held between people of different backgrounds, making it very multicultural. Did you know that our youngest ever participant, Leslie, was only 21 years old? Such a young person with an incredible floral design talent! Another one of our lovely participants made the gigantic effort of travelling all the way from San Antonio, Texas to fill us up and inspire us hugely with her creative abilities!! What made it even MORE special was the fact that we had our first male participant in the competition, WAY TO GO! An incredibly talented 70 year old participated in our competition, making one of the most outstanding floral designs we saw throughout our entire trip! We want to give special thanks to First Choice Floral for organizing an impeccable floral event where we all had so much fun.

But wait… it gets even BETTER! How? Another one of our brilliant participants started her own floral business during the pandemic, how genius is this? She is now THRIVING in her floral business and we hope she can inspire all of you to chase after your dreams and what you like the most in life! Stay tuned because she´ll be joining us in a live episode of Floral Sparks of Creativity to tell her story SOON!

DARE TO BLOOM has been a competition that has had no age limit and the only main objective we had as Lulu Roses was for all of you to have fun, explore and learn about preserved roses and all the wonderful creations you can do with them! Every single participant of our Dallas competition certainly have a bright floral future ahead of them! CONGRATS TO EVERY ONE OF THE PARTICIPANTS! Loved seeing all of you BLOOM.

Don’t miss out on the special piece and live stream we will be featuring with BETHANY our Dallas DTB Winner! On behalf of Lulu Roses we want to THANK every single one of our participants for inspiring us with such magical floral designs! We will surely remember them forever and hope we can meet in the future for our next floral design competitions. 

Who’s ready to follow our adventure to Los Angeles? Stay tuned and follow us for more details at @lulurosec and @naranjoroses If you want to be up to date with our DTB competition, follow the official IG account: daretobloomcompetition to see more pictures, videos and know more about the grand finale!

Dallas has bloomed with Lulu Roses! NEXT STOP: LOS ANGELES, who’s coming with us? 

Let´s bloom together!



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